Travelling and driving is made easier by Nav GPS System

Nav GPS also known as the Navstar is actually a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) which provides time and geolocation of a particular place and also weather conditions anywhere any time on earth.


GPS is an independent venture that is operated with the help of geotagging satellites and doesn’t required any electronic connection. But, using these technologies GPS can be enhanced and used more effectively.

GPS was designed based on ground based radio navigation system like LORAN and Decca Navigator that were developed in early 1940s and were used during World War II by the Royal British Navy. It was originally developed by the USA military but in 1980s, and its Government allowed this technology to be used for civilian purposes.

Nowadays, using a GPS for navigation is a common entity. You get to use this feature in your Smartphone and even the latest navigating device invented for cars. A GPS Navigation Device can receive information from GPS satellites and is capable of pointing your current geographical location. These devices as well as Smartphones contain maps of places so that your position may be shown accurately.

A GPS device can also track your current place and inform you about the weather conditions out there and even the time (P.S. This feature is only available on earth). GPS requires an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites to work properly. Barriers like canopy of trees or buildings, inside a structure or a tunnel will reduce your signal reception and may not work properly. Here is an example: click—>

Nowadays, standalone Nav GPS receivers are only present in cars, so it is not a problem in case of barriers. In urban areas, where there are many barriers and GPS signals are not easily available to cell phones. So, nowadays Cell phones track the nearest telecommunication tower and state its location by calculating how far it is from the tower. This is known as A-GPS. And the autoradio online also very convinient.

We already know that by the use of GPS and its information, automobiles are installed with a device that receives your location and can be useful in many ways:

  • Maps are available including street maps that are displayed in texts or printed in graphical format which are easy to understand.
  • Every turn is informed to the driver including directions by speech or text.
  • Directions are directed to autonomous vehicles like driverless cars that are recently invented.
  • Traffic congestion is also displayed and even suggesting an alternate route.
  • Nearby amenities such as petrol station, restaurants, hospitals, etc are also displayed.
  • Shortest distance between two places is also shown in Nav GPS.

A BMW GPS multifaceted

Wanted to revolutionize your feelings when you are behind the wheel? Adopt the BMW GPS, a concentrate of emotion and enthusiasm.

Modern car radios are saving you the need to hire someone else to the facility level. They are compatible to a standard tray in single DIN or larger dimensions in double DIN. Depending on the model chosen, you can enjoy multimedia options such as the dissemination of Android applications or programming televised by TNT on the touchscreen monitor in HD. Support, you have the control function of the wheel with the AV-IN for the backup camera and Bluetooth with voice recognition. GPS assists you in all the roads you borrow.